Jenny Zhang ---Registered Acupunctuist

IVF/IUI Support

Natural pregnance is our strong point, which we always focus on. However, many clients who came to see us were on procedure or schedule of IVF/IUI. We also provide our support and information about acupuncture to those who seek solutions for Co-IVF/IUI. Many articles demonstrate the direct effects acupuncture can have on the reproductive system. When properly performed, the success rate of ongoing IVF pregnancies doubled from that of the control group. It has also been shown to increase implantation rates, decrease miscarriages, decrease ectopic pregnancies and increase live births.

With our comprehensive treatments and individualized approach, we treat the body disorder based on each individual TCM diagnosis. And also, we add some more acupoints at a particular time in the menstruation cycle to improve physiological homeostasis. We have Western medical background and are well-versed in the protocols and treatments used by the Western reproductive specialists. Therefore, we are familiar with assisting reproductive techniques, their actions, and the potential side effects during the IVF/IUI procedures, and providing great support as the clients go through the intense and often stressful processes of IUI, IVF, and hormonal suppression or stimulation.

We offer a range of infertility treatment options for both males and females. We understand the stress and frustration that couples can experience and provide extensive support for pre- and post-natal assistance. Our goal is to assess all the physical and emotional factors that may be the cause of fertility problems and design a treatment plan to help optimize the chances of success.

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